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More newer and more differenter: We have a sample trailer, known affectionately as, "the bast trailer," for Nic's indecipherable file name chosen after a very long editing and graphics session. It doesn't have all the final color correction and whatnot, but it should whet your appetite. Unless you're crazy. Or un-American.

Urgent: Follow this link to learn more about our new Stuckism International Center.



Jesse Richards and Nicholas Watson have been working together on films since 1996. Nicholas is a graduate of New York University and Jesse attended the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan.

Both agree strongly with the views on art and being an artist put forth in the Remodernist manifesto and, to a lesser degree, the Stuckist Manifesto. In light of that we founded the New Haven Stuckists in the summer of 2001. The Stuckists Film Group is the combination of our interest in film and filmmaking with our belief in finding meaning through creating and sharing artwork.


We are currently in the pre-production and planning stages of a feature film entitled, "Blackout." The film is a 1940s-styled film noir about sex, violence, anger and isolation.

While working on the script and story we have filmed and edited a short trailer which you can watch online. We are in the process of finishing a sound edit on the "real trailer" but in the meantime we have this rough one for your perusal. Cheers.

"Blackout," is currently seeking funding from private and other sources. For more information, including cast and crew bios, visit our Blackout infopage.




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